VOKA Hasselt

Voka Limburg has thoroughly renovated the lounge area in their Huis van de Limburgse Ondernemer (House of the Limburg Entrepreneur). The eye-catcher of the concept is an artfully stained glass window that was ordered from Artglas in Zonhoven.

New life for an old stairwell

This old home in Brussels radiates art nouveau. Since the basement rooms were also furnished as living quarters, they required additional light. The solution had to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The occupants opted for a modern design by John...

Modern art glass for an old mansion in Tongeren

Project info We designed a contemporary stained-glass window for an old mansion in Tongeren. We had to take into account the existing iron framework. To maximize incoming daylight, we opted for clear glass with many different structures. We mounted dim lights between...

Design for the St-Brigida church in Koersel

Project info Our assignment was to design a new art glass for the rose window on the facade, in which the Saint Brigida cross was to play a major role. Since the iron rose window had to be conserved, my creativity was limited, but it at the same time, it gave me a...


Project info We accomplished this project in collaboration with Vittorio Simoni. It has become an engaging blend of back to basics and design, originality and art. That is the exclusive experience which staying in cArAvAn offers. Nine old caravans were converted into...

Triptych Vlijmen

Three stained-glass panels were placed between entrance and hall. By making use of many clear transparent kinds of glass, the artglas’ presence was not too dominant. This way, you can look at and through the glass window. Design by John...

Foodemotions Hamont-Achel

The chef of restaurant Food Emotions in Hamont-Achel wanted an open kitchen, yet not entirely open. For these sliding doors, Kathleen Simons (Bureau IKS) designed an artglas solution incorporating their green logo. Now their guests can also enjoy this beautiful...

Modern stained glass in Kampen

Project info   The Kampen Boys Choir is happy with the eight artistic glass panels Artglas designed for their new building.

B&B PPP at Gent

Project info B&B PPP in Ghent is located in an old mansion. Each room has been given its own theme, like a classic room, a Japanese and a modern room. For the latter, we designed an Art Glass. This glass panel acts as mood lighting and it is located in the...

Hotel Parijs

For the lobby of a Parisian hotel these stained-glass panels were produced in cooperation with Ravage.

Door Maldegem

Projectinfo Glas in lood raam geplaatst tussen dubbel glas en in een ijzeren kader.

Stained-glass window in Hall.

John Dierickx designed this artglas between hall and living room. Even though they opted for only transparent glass, by working with different structures, he was able to create an effect in the transparency. John could not resist processing one piece of coloured glass...


Placing an iron inside door with floor spring, so that this door opens to both sides.

Stained-glass in the bathroom.

This bathroom was completely refurbished. The original glass opening with a height of 40 cm was enlarged to 2 m. The stained-glass panel, with a dimension of 1.2 m x 2 m, was positioned between double glazing. Thanks to the skylight in the hall, the residents can...

Skylight with a story.

In this project, every stained-glass panel has a special meaning for the customer. Every panel was designed in dialogue with the residents. It tells their story.

Together we’re stronger

John Dierickx also designs stained-glass objects that can be displayed both inside and outside. For this concept, John Dierickx designed four stained-glass windows that were mounted on an oak block on wheels, so that they are mobile.

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